Thursday, June 10, 2010

Detour - not really, just more Irene!


About ten weeks ago I started this blog - and I´m only in the early thirties with a lot of films still lying ahead of me...BUT it was already time for another project - an enlargement of and addition to this one:
an Irene Dunne website

September the 4th 2010 will mark the 20th anniversay of Irene´s death-day and I decided that  it´s about time that something happens for her in the web - not that you can´t find information about her at all, but all spread around. What I`ll try to do now, is to offer a site, a place for this Irene Dunne material. Both projects are in progress, take up a lot of time and are a lot of fun. It´s a pleasure to do this for this great lady!

Looking forward to sharing a lot of Irene Dunne with you!



  1. thank you once more! I already gave your site to all my Dunnie friends, we are very thankful for what you're doing to our Irene!!! You're the best!

  2. Thank you, Renata! Just enjoyed some of your music on yt - especially this compilation of your ten favorite Irene songs!:) Would you mind contacting me via the Irenesite email address? Maybe we can figure out something for the Irene films you are still missing...Susanne

  3. I sent you an email to that address but you never answered back, didn't you receive it? Anyway, my email is =)


  4. Sorry, but some technical problems with this new email account occured - fixed now! :) I´ll contact you soon!Susanne

  5. Esto esta muy bueno!!!!!! Cristina de Argentina